On this journey...

...we will get an introduction to West African culture through the country of Senegal which is known for its rich spiritual traditions, great musical talents and excellence in child education. Due to its industrious people and stable government, Senegal has become one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. There are still great opportunities and much work to be done to build the prosperous Senegal of the future. 

Senegal is full of beautiful scenery from the sands of Kaolack to the rare natural wonder of Lac Rose. Its long beautiful coastline is also of historic sites marking the open wings of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Senegal provides enriching experience through delicious dining, hospitality, family unity, and culture unfounded anywhere in the world. 

The school serves 1,800 young people, many of them from abroad. It's offers a complete primary and secondary education along with training in spiritual studies. 

The clinic serves tens of thousands of people in the most rural areas. These communities are particularly vulnerable to death due to untreated curable disease. 

Both the school and clinic are doing great work but under immense strain serving so many. 

Through our humanitarian efforts, each participant will play a part to ensure the young and elderly who use the clinic and school will benefit now and in the future. This support ensures there remains a place where people from around the world can come and receive a premium education without having to travel abroad. Also, those in need to have basic healthcare with having to travel hours to the nearest hospital. 

Whoever would like to come and make a valuable, sustainable contribution to Africa this will be an extremely fulfilling journey of teaching and learning, benefitting and being of benefit. Just as you will change Senegal, Senegal will change you. Journey into mother Africa and develops the deep connection with her and  her people through love and service. 


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