The AAII Schools Project is a Nasrul Ilm America initiative to maintain, develop, and expand the AAII (African American Islamic Institute) School founded by the late Shaykh Hassan Cisse in Madina-Kaolack in Senegal. Over the past four decades the AAII School has helped to provide a well rounded, quality education for thousands of students all over the world. The AAII Schools Project is our effort to not only continue this legacy for future generations, but also develop, and expand on what Shaykh Hassan Cisse started. 

Through this initiative our aim is to provide the financial revenue needed to maintain a clean, healthy, and resource rich learning environment. Our objective is to help finance the hiring of more teachers, assure every classroom is fully furnished, materials for teachers are available, and all students have school supplies, uniforms, and transportation to and from school. With the school in Madina-Kaolack in Senegal as the founding flagship institution, we also seek to expand to include multiple locations around the world, mainly to give students the benefit of cross-cultural relationships across different communities. 

We ask that you join us and support our effort to help provide future generations with the tools they will need to be great at serving humanity.