Nasrul Ilm America is a nationally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was inspired by the efforts of the late Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RA), a renowned Islamic scholar and humanitarian from Senegal, West Africa. His legacy of service to humanity has helped countless men, women and children in the United States and abroad. Our mission is to promote the principle of service to humanity through education, humanitarianism, and cultural exchange – three areas of focus that typified the core of Shaykh Hassan Cisse's works throughout the world. 

Our organization’s name, Nasrul Ilm America, was given to us by Shaykh Hassan Cisse shortly before his death. It is derived from the name that his grandfather, Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse – one of the most influential religious leaders on the African continent in the twentieth century – gave to his global spiritual community, Jamiat Nasrul Ilm. This Arabic phrase loosely translates to “the community of beneficial knowledge.”

In the Islamic tradition, knowledge, or ilm, is not simply information. Rather, knowledge is predicated on action. In other words, to possess real knowledge implies that a person act on that knowledge. Sound knowledge is, in turn, considered a prerequisite for correct action. Nasrul Ilm America is informed by this holistic understanding of what constitutes knowledge. We believe, therefore that the true "benefit" of knowledge is to assist humanity beyond just the dissemination of facts. 

As leader of the community of beneficial knowledge – Shaykh Hassan Cisse, worked tirelessly to feed people, to provide them with access to medical care, and to facilitate moral and Islamic education, as well as secular education, for scores of students from around the world.

Following Shaykh Hassan’s model, itself patterned from the model of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Nasrul Ilm America is an organization that is dedicated to the core principle of service to humanity.