Feeding Humanity One Family at a Time

Help for Humanity was inspired by the efforts of the late Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RA), a renowned Islamic scholar and humanitarian from Senegal, West Africa. For several decades he sustained hundreds of under-resourced families throughout the country by distributing rice and other food essentials on a monthly  basis.

To continue this much needed work, Nasrul Ilm America launched Help for Humanity, an initiative designed to continue the feeding of under-resourced families in Senegal. Our mission is to address the problem of hunger, one family at a time. Since the beginning of 2012, we have distributed more than five tons (approximately 11,000 lbs) of rice to families in Senegal. With our #25for25 campaign, we set out to recruit 25 ordinary people from our immediate circles to donate $25 towards a family in need. A $25 donation can feed a family of four for an entire month. 

There is an urgency for hunger relieF in senegal.

Approximately 47.6% of people in Senegal are estimated to live in poverty. In rural areas, such as Kaolack where Help for Humanity works, 1 out of every 4 households experiences food insecurity, which means that they do not consistently have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food. By distributing rice to families each month, Help for Humanity aims to address this issue. Our ongoing efforts have helped a number of families feed themselves and maintain healthy, active lives, but more help is needed. 

In a country with about 13.7 million people, Senegal faces a structural food deficit for main staples, which is why it imports about 46 percent of its food requirements.  According to the 2013 national food security survey, 245,000 households or 2.2 million people are food insecure. As a result, 14.4 percent of children under 5 suffer from malnutrition


We believe that no family should suffer from hunger. This is why through the Help for Humanity initiative we are dedicated to sustaining the lives of the people in Senegal one family at a time. The low cost of feeding an entire family for a month has galvanized many generous individuals to reach in their pockets every month to help, but with almost a quarter of a million households in need, there is much work to do. This is why we have launched fundraising campaigns, leveraged social media, and designed T-shirts to raise awareness. 

To learn more go to the Help for Humanity website: www.hfhnyC.com